Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Charles Kaliba from RIC-NET training Teachers
Teachers from Kasese District have appreciated the new innovations in the teaching process using ICT tools. This was revealed during the two day refresher training that was held on 4th and 5th July 2013 at Kasese E-society Center Education Department of Kasese District Headquarters. The training was organized by Rwenzori Information centers Network [RIC-NET]. The ICT innovations in the teaching-learning of English have come as a plight to answer the low literacy level in schools where English is the key to the understanding of other subjects in secondary schools.

Mr. Felix from St. Theresa Girls SS presenting his sample lesson
According to Mr. Felix Kule the head of English Department St.Thereza Girls Secondary School, he shared that the potential for integrating speaking and listening, reading and writing has been enhanced by use of interactive multimedia resources. Most importantly, ICT engages pupils to work actively on language both when reading and writing and has the potential to highlight the way in which meaning is constructed. The innovations have helped to engage the learners effectively and reduce boredom even when the lesson is after lunch where people tend to doze.
According to Ms Hellen Mbambu the teacher of St.Charles Vocation Secondary School Kasanga, she mentioned that the new innovations have helped me to be more organized in her presentation of the lesson and lesson materials. The innovation require more time in research and reading which is important in increasing the knowledge of the subject matter. Teachers have been able to store properly their teaching content for future reference for other teachers who shall come after.

According to Ms.Edna Kunahimbire of Kilembe Secondary, she mentioned that an ICT oriented lesson has; ICT caters for Different learning Styles of learners, it increases the attention span of learners, and ICT offers flexibility of anywhere anytime learning”.
Teachers Sharing a light moment

In the closing remarks, the lead trainer Mr. Charles and Executive Director RIC-NET Mr. John Silco; the two asked the teachers to continue being creative and take the innovations in good faith in lesson preparation and presentation. Mr.Silco added that photo stories and Cineduc can easily be incorporated in other teaching practices and bring the learner to comprehend more the content of the lesson. Even the stubborn learners can easily be catered properly.

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  1. RICNET, that was a good gesture of promoting ICT enabled teaching, my concern is how are you ensuring that the teachers are applying the skills since on several occasions such projects can see they life span till the end of project, what are the sustainability strategies?

    Jimmy BO