Monday, 9 June 2014


RWECO held a the Techie II learning session for staff of organisation participating in the C4C funded projects in Uganda. Participants where drawn from  Health Child, LACCODEF, UNHCO, RWECO, I-NETWORK, CFSU     , HAG, CEW-IT and RIC-NET.
This session was facilitated by Micheal Niyitegeka a communication specialist with financial support from IICD.
participants of Techie 11 workshop

Micheal clearly started by defining a communication strategy to include  complex processes that organisation apply to ensure a the client receive a specific message and take a specific action.
He  exposed members to several examples of different communication strategies employed by both business companies and NGOs e.g. Coca Cola and TED.
He helped  participants to clearly identify and ensure they take care of key aspects of the communication as:
  • What is the message? The intended target and  impact?
  • Who is the carrier of the message?
  • The timing and  real timeliness?
  •  Localisation of the message or  products for accessibility.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the communication process during the execution and after.
  • Sustainability of the communication strategy and the messaging.
Later, participants where exposed on how RWECO/RIC-NET has used different communication channels of carrier as part of the communication strategy. Participants looked at the different blogs combined with you-tube channels , Google searches and feedback mechanisms. The organisation online reporting tool for staff and ushahid for crowd sourcing were also exposed.
At the end of the two days workshop, all members to design communication strategy for their organization and send it to Michael for guidance and copy to Pamela.