Sunday, 2 November 2014


     Computers for Schools Uganda (CfSU) in partnership with Computers for Schools Kenya (CfSK) with funding from Microsoft organized and successfully completed a training of ten teachers (4F, 6M) in selected schools from the western region of Uganda. The main objective of the training was to sensitize these teachers and train them on how to teach using technology basics.
The day was kicked off by registration and introduction by the participants as each of them gave their expectations from the meeting.  The main facilitator, Ms Stella Nekesa from CfSU then began with the presentation as members participated in a brain storming session of why the use of technology is necessary in education. In this session, more insight was given to the use of the Microsoft applications for teaching; since this was the core of the discussion. A recap of the Microsoft office basics was done and this included Ms. Word, Excel, Power point and Photo story.
Participants discussed in detail about the use of each of the Ms tools and below are some of the functions that they discussed;
Ms Word
·        Typing invitation letter
·        Typing memos
·        Typing lesson notes
·        Typing examinations
·        Typing Lesson plans and schemes of work

Ms Excel
·        Keeping class lists
·        Keeping data bases
·        Making mark sheets (calculating total marks, average, position and grading)

Ms Power point
·        Making class presentations
·        Developing illustrative ICT enhanced lessons

The use of Photo story was however a new ideology to the participants and therefore the facilitator had to take them through a step by step tutoring of using this application. There after they were all tasked to create their own photo stories so that they could perfect their newly acquired skill.
The facilitator then introduced the core of the training which was teaching with technology basics on the Microsoft Educator website. This particular topic had four modules which included;
·        ICT tools for the evaluation of optimization knowledge
·         The creation of better learning activities using the internet
·        Support learning and teaching with the user of technology to support collaboration
·        Better results thanks to ICT technologies
Each of the above modules was discussed and then the participants each signed up for Microsoft accounts so that they could read more on the topics and also complete the exercises. With the guidance of the facilitators, all the participants were able to successfully create accounts and were able to complete the exercises therefore earning themselves a badge.
Participants paying attention during the workshop

Members signing up for the Microsoft account

To end the workshop, the chairman, ICT committee in western region Mr. Barughare Jimmy gave closing remarks and urged members to take advantage of the opportunity they had been given and continue to use ICTs. One of the members gave a vote of thanks to the facilitator and also thanked CfSU for considering them for the opportunity they had been given and they pledged to continue with the programme even after they had gone back to their respective schools.