Friday, 23 May 2014


   Teachers and tutors of English in Kasese districts have been implementing a project on teaching English language using ICTs. They have been trained in using various ICT tools to develop and prepare lessons and deliver them in the classrooms.  Computers for Schools Uganda carried out refresher training for teachers to renew their skills and bring on board newly recruited teachers. Apart from the training, heads of departments of English also received internet modems and digital cameras on behalf of the departments. The training was carried out on  23rd May 2014 where 20 teachers and tutors attended. This training mainly focused on boosting teachers’ research skills using the internet and using social networks as a platform to exchange information and views with other teachers/tutors across different schools. They were trained on how to use e-mailing as a means of communication and those that did not have e-mail addresses were helped to create them. Skype accounts for each of the teachers and tutors were opened to create a platform for communication amongst the teachers.
  The teachers were guided on how to use different browsers like google, bing and yahoo to search for relevant information on the web. This helped teachers expand their knowledge base as information that was got from the web supplemented the already existing information from the text books.

Apart from learning how to source for information from the web, teachers were also taken through the process of storing teaching materials on external devices for future reference and back up. This was to help resolve the problem of flexibility and viruses. By storing their work on an external disk, it would enable teachers to edit their work even within the comfort of their homes.