Tuesday, 30 June 2015


As part of the project to target and promote the use of ICTs in primary schools in Kabarole and Kasese districts, CfSU and RWECO with funding from Connect for change and Edukans have supported primary schools to exhibit the use of ICTs during open days. In June 2015, Kasiisi primary school carried out an open day where they invited parents to witness how children and teachers of Kasiisi use ICT in teaching and learning. During the open day, there was exhibiting of different activities that take place in the school and using ICTs for digital stories was one of the activities. Teachers developed and installed digital stories on the computers that were given by computers for schools Uganda (CfSU). Parents and learners were able to see these stories run and those who had questions were given the opportunity to ask questions. As part of the activities that took place, parents were also tasked to give their views about the usage of computers in the schools and from what most of the parents commented, it was clear and evident that they very much liked the notion of their children using ICTs for learning. Basing on the parents’ comments, the head teacher and ICT teacher of Kasiisi primary were able to use this platform to lobby parents to support the use of computers in the school by contributing a small fee per term to enable the school not only to maintain the already existing computers but also to purchase new gadgets like the projector and more computers. The ICT teachers talked about some of the achievements they had realized so far but also sited some challenges they were facing and asked all stake holders to help the school overcome these challenges.   Learners were also given a chance to explore their ICT skills by demonstrating to the parents what they could do using the computer. Some of the tasks included, typing notes, opening the computer and displaying the digital stories while explaining their meanings to the parents among others. This was very exciting to the parents especially the fact that even the learners could freely interact with the computers and they pledged to fully support the program in the schools by agreeing to pay a given amount to the school to finance the program. 
Pupils of Kasiisi primary school as they enjoy a digital story

The day ended with a vote of thanks from the head of the school to CfSU and the parents. She also promised to be very vigilant in upholding the use of ICTs in the school.

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