Monday, 27 October 2014


Schools girls at Muhokya Primary School, Kasese district will get a relief after RWECO unearthed and exposed their plight to relevant stakeholders that have vowed to put right what had gone wrong at the School. During a sensitization meeting held at School, in October, 2014, the head girl of the school revealed to the participants the ordeal they go through while sharing toilets with the boys at the school. Muhokya Primary school has an enrollment of  700 pupils and 16 teachers who share the a three stance latrine at the school. By a mere mention of that, the participants were touched and acted immediately. The parents pledged to contribute bricks to construct a three stance latrine with a girls changing room. RWECO wrote to the Diocese of Kasese, Education secretary about the plight of the girl child at Muhokya Primary School. Fr. Daudi Kitsa, the Education Secretary immediately called for a meeting for action on the plight of the girl children at the school who mobilised some resources to ensure that by beginning of next term, 2015, a three stance latrine was completed, RWECO staff also contributed 10 bags of cement using their staff scheme to support deserving and needy children every of year.
School and parents recieving the items from RWECO and Diocese of Kasese Education Department
Support to the Muhokya Primary School, sanitation program has ignited debates on how many more girls drop out of school because of sharing latrines with boys. As a commitment to ensuring improving the quality of education in Kasese district, RWECO will use the Muhokya Primary School model to replicate the star school model to other schools

Fr. Daudi Kitsa, handing over latrine construction materials to the parents, teachers and pupils at Muhokya Primary school, 12th Nov. 2014
 Many reports indicate the high school drop out in UPE schools as being high amongst girls in upper classes ( P.5-P.7) major as girls experience their menstrual periods they need privacy as evidenced during the training by Senior health workers in Muhokya and Munkunyu Primary Schools in Kasese district. One reason for RWECO supported by ICCO-Cooperation under the star school model is to sensitize the parents, teachers and other stakeholders about the  five stars that make up the school setting including- Sanitation and Environment, Community (Parents), Learners (Learning), Teachers ( Teaching) and Governance ( SMC/PTA).

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