Tuesday, 18 June 2013


To ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the projects, head teachers, PTA and BOG membershad to be brought on board with the project. It is on this note therefore that Computers for Schools organized a meeting inviting all head teachers, PTA and BOG members of all project schools in Kabarole district. The meeting took place at Kaalya courts on 17th June 2013.
The purpose of this meeting was to ensure that the heads of schools, PTA and BOG allowed the C4C project activities to be implemented within their institutions. Further on, administrative support is needed to ensure sustainability of the project even after the project life has ended. As a ripple effect of the project, administrators had to be fully aware of the project activities within the school so that it does not only benefit the English department but also other departments. Issues that were discussed in the meeting included the following among others;
  • The project brief, activities involved and responsibilities of the stake holders especially school administration
  • Discussion of achievements in the schools so far and challenges faced

     The ICT project officer discussing the brief
The heads of schools discussed the achievements and challenges that they have been facing since the project inception to date. The heads of schools each discussed what was happening within their respective schools with regards to the project. After looking at the achievements, challenges faced were also brought up and solutions to mitigate the challenges were pointed out and below are some of the issues that were discussed;

  • The set up of the English language resource room; Canon Apolo core PTC, Ruteete secondary school and St. Leos and Kyebambe have set up English labs with resources like the laptop, projector and the speakers. Now with the two desk tops and flash disks that CfSU has added to the department, these institutions have worked on these resource rooms making them more student friendly and as safe as possible. The teaching and learning process can now comfortably take place in these rooms.
  • Development of more interesting and fascinating lessons using Power point and Photo story; the head teachers of these schools were proud to mention that the teachers are developing more interesting lessons as testified by their students. Learners are more eager
  • Computers in the resource room; with the availability of these computers in the English resource room, teachers are now able to develop their lessons and type exams freely in their free time without competing with students which was the case previously. It has even helped them practice more, getting a grip on computer usage thus erasing the computer phobia of students being better than them. The learners have also adopted a research culture where they can accomplish projects on their own.
    Mr. Otigo Evans explaining the benefits and challenges they face 
The representative from the DEO’s office of Kabarole district Mrs. Harriet Angwena finally urged administrators and PTA members to fully embrace the program and give the much needed support to the teachers and implementing organizations. She also pledged to be supportive at the district level by offering the necessary support like inspecting and lobbying at the ministry.

     Administrative members listening to the DEO