Thursday, 30 May 2013


     Following the training of teachers and tutors of English in innovative ICT enabled methods; Computers for Schools Uganda organized a meeting to officially hand over ICT equipment to the institutions whose teachers/tutors had been trained. The institutions that received computers were Canon Apolo Core PTC, Ruteete secondary school, Kyebambe girls’ school and St. Leos College Kyegobe. CfSU also contributed one computer for the DEO’s office for inspection purposes. The ICT equipment that was received included;
  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Projector stand
  • Generator
  • Speakers
  • Desk tops

    Some of the equipment ready for hand over to the schools
The hand over occasion took place at Kaalya courts in Kabarole district on 24th June 2013. Heads of schools attended to receive the equipment and the DEO as a representative from the local government was present to hand over the equipment.

Mrs. Harriet Angwena(DEO) as she welcomed membe
  The ICT officer in charge of the project Nekesa Stella gave a brief about the project and reminded the schools heads about their responsibilities as project stake holders. She further on noted that teachers and learners still needed support from the school administration in order to make the project implementation more successful.   The executive director RIC-NET John Silco made a presentation on the SMS and HUDUMA platforms and also urged administration to take advantage of these platforms to connect with the rest of the of the stake holders like the parents and the local government.

      Mr.Otigo extending a token of thanks to CfSU

On behalf of all head teachers, Mr. Otigo Evans, the head teacher of St. Leos College Kyegobe thanked CfSU staff for their tremendous efforts in contributing towards the improvement of the quality of education through ICT enabled innovative methods.  He talked about the trainings, the onsite support and the ICT equipment and he pointed out how it has added value to the teaching and learning of English language within the different schools.
The executive director of RICNET invited the DEO to receive the computer on behalf of the DEO’s office and then later on hand over the rest of the equipment to the heads of schools.

    The DEO representative Kabarole district handing over the equipment

As the final activity, head teachers signed the Memorandums of Understanding as a way to ensure that the equipment will be kept in a safe and friendly environment. This was also done for the schools to handle and use the equipment with care. To have a feel of ownership of ownership of the equipment and ensure sustainability, CfSU ensured that the school heads read and understood the terms and conditions of the M.O.U before they discussed and signed it.