Friday, 21 June 2013


Pupils arriving at Boma ground after a procession around Bundibugyo Town

It took approximately four hours for a team of RWECO CU, the staff and pupils of Rukoki Model School to drive from Kasese via Fort portal to Bundibugyo. It was a very tough journey, mostly for the young ones but it was a worthy journey due to the learning environment that was at BOMA Grounds, Bundibugyo. It was the day of African child and the western regional celebrations were in Bundibugyo District at Boma grounds. The theme of the day was eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children; Our collective responsibility. So many children put up so interesting performances ranging from Music to drama. Their performances were all advocating sounds of the little children seeking for the redress in the way the community, teachers and also back to the households treat them.
Day one started as different teams arrived from different places. After most of the teams had arrived, they made a community outreach and decided to clean up some wards thereafter made a procession around town to alert the people on the days celebrations. 

Pupils cleaning the pediatric ward - Bundibugyo hospital 15th June 2013

Day two, 16th June, 2013 started with a procession around Bundibugyo town and back to Boma grounds where speeches and performances were held. There was a parliamentary session held by pupils and in this presentation, they talked about child labor and its consequences on the growth of these children affected. They also talked about early marriages and put up good recommendations on how to overcome this device in relation to their causes and effects on the children and these include supporting orphans in terms of education, encourage family planning so that to avoid unwanted pregnancies that could be a burden to the parents and that government should cooperate with other stakeholders to fight against child neglect that result in to child labor and that corporal punishments should be abolished to encourage children keep at school.

A pupil's parliamentary session 16th June 2013

Rukoki Model Primary from Kasese District who put up a touching presentation. This was led by three impaired children who used sign language to communicate their massage to the audience. The other pupil who was disabled with no arms showed the world that disability is not inability.
 A disabled pupil with no hands from Rukoki model showing his skills in knitting 16th June 2013


God Bless us all
Gilbert Masereka