Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The Senior Inspector of Schools Mr. Wilson Isemusoro while representing the District Education Officer of Kasese at the Head teachers review meeting of the Education Programmatic Plan (EPP)  at Virina Gardens, Kasese Municipality on Thursday 5th September cautioned Head teachers at giving excuses, " EXCUSES ARE TOOLS OF INCOMPETENCE"

Mr. Wilson Isemusoro, demonstrating to Head teacher the qualities of a good manager during the EPP review meeting at Virina Gardens, Kasese Municipality
The EPP project is being implemented in 15 Primary Schools in Kasese district and 15 Primary schools in Kabarole district. The project was aimed at Improving the Quality of Education through improving the communication skills of 9000 primary school pupils. While presenting the progress of the project, Ms. Medrace Balira the RWECO Project Officer indicated that, RWECO and CfSU have supported Schools with reference books to improve the quality of education in the region, and that more reference books had been procured to support the program. Each School received 4 reference books that include, an Oxford Dictionary, PLE hand books, 2 English Language Test Books.
Head Teachers at the EPP review meeting on 5th Sept 2013

To map the way forward in improving the quality of Education the head teachers  had the following as points for the period Sept-December 2013.

Mr. Mwanje Joseph, Head Teacher, Bwera Demonstration, contributing to the action points

1. To enforce and implement the government policy of the " Books in the Hands of the Pupils". The participants also added that while the policy was good, but efforts should be made to guide the teachers while implementing that policy;
2.  Training of School Management Committees and PTA should be emphasised in order to achieve collective responsibilities;
3.  Motivation of teachers using available means within the school like involvement in organising for activities and managing the budgets;
4. Rewards for the best performing pupils- Best English Speaker and other components like environment, cleanliness, hard working with certificates;
5. Planning for the school calender including preparations for PLE- the head teachers also recommended to have an inter class/school debating competitions;
6. On the academic part, the head teachers also recommended to have an inter school seminars targeting P.6-P.7 Pupils.

The review meeting was also attended by the RWECO Coordinator Mr. Jimmy B. Odyek who made a quick scan of the action points that were made during the head teachers meeting held on 16th April, 2012 at the launch of the EPP project by the Kasese District Eduction Officer, Mr. George Mainja.

RWECO committed her self to continue supporting the schools in sharing information using ICT tools and online platforms as was demonstrated from:http://eduvoice.ug/ and http://www.budget.go.ug/index.php

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Medrace Balira
Gilbert Masereka
Jimmy B.O


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  2. Head Teachers should be Result Oriented Managers..They should work hard in coordinating and supervising resources to achieve positive results which is pupils Passing highly.. They should also create an atmosphere that allows parents and the entire school community appreciate and own the school..

  3. The negative practices like;
    - Headteachers and teachers absenteeism
    - Poor record keeping
    - Failure to implement resolutions
    - Failure to hold meetings to review the school
    -poor networking; positive networking with other schools
    MUST be stopped

  4. learning is a continuous process and therefore calls for team work, whoever will work alone will be a reject and will not achieve the school objectives, mission and vision because the wisest man is one who discovers his ignorance paving him way to search and seek advise, ideas and knowledge from colleagues. A raising from the need to improve Education performance in Kasese district,I call upon my fellow Educationist to emulate the practices and innovations brought by RWECO as in providing Learning materials and encourage pupils by showcasing through talking English fluently and say no to Vernacular speaking in and around school premises for it's the key to better performance and a bridge to success.

  5. Quality education is a responsibility of all stakeholders.INdeed excuses are tools for incompetence. The traditional teachers used not to have excuses for not teaching but were committed to their work. Teachers should remember that teaching is a vocation.