Monday, 26 August 2013

See it happen

It was yet another brighter moment at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel kampala where connect for change and wash partners through I-Network stormed the place for a website design and akvo tool training.
The training facilitated by IICD/I-Network ICT advisor and Luuk Diphoorn and Elma den Toom from connect for change attracted participants from RWECO represented by ICT Officer Yosia, Diocese of Jinja (health dep’t), Health Child, Health Needs Uganda (HNU), LACODEF, Mango tree, computers for schools Uganda (CFSU), ELECU, FAWEU, UCMB, UNHCO and I-Network the hosts.
The training lasted for two days from 15th-16th August 2013. This was basically for organizations implementing C4C projects to get more skills in the use of these online platforms.
RWECO implements a project with Connect for change through CFSU in primary and secondary schools.
Training Session
Among issues trained in was the use of websites, having a good website and what it takes to have a functioning website. It was such an interactive session that we got to learn more from each other.
The other important tool during the training was the akvo RSR (Really Simple reporting).  Akvo makes it easy to bring your projects online and share progress with everyone involved and interested. This includes those who are funding the work you do or who wants to see things from your perspective. This is a tool that or an online platform at
Participants were taken through the platform and how it works. Accounts were created for every partner that participated in the training. It was also noted that any project officer can sign up and always update the page with activity updates especially on connect for change projects.
Creating an Akvo user account.
Click the Register link at the top of your project page or the Akvo home page
( Choose your organisation and continue to the setup page.
Enter a username. Your username is what you will enter to sign in to your account. Make it something easy to remember.
Enter your first and last name. Your Akvo RSR account is yours. Updates and comments will display your name, not just that of your organisation.
Enter a password. Eight or more characters, capital and small letters mixed with some numbers, is the most secure. Entering it twice verifies you typed what you thought you typed.
Enter your email address. So we can send you a confirmation email.
Click the Register button. Follow the instructions in the account request email you will receive. Your account request will be reviewed by either your organisation’s administrator or an Akvo staff administrator. Within a couple of days you will receive an email confirming you have been approved, and then you can sign in to Akvo RSR.
Participants wave their certificates high after the training.
RWECO and CFSU page on the site is found at - Effective teaching-learning processes by ICT and so at that page you can be able to see a number of updates on the effective teaching learning processes by ICT project implemented here in the Rwenzori region. We updated the page with some stories during the training.
Another important aspect was all about capturing good photos and easy videos that can tell ones story or report easier while reporting online. Participants interviewed them themselves and all these captured videos will be uploaded by the Akvo team.

It was such an interactive training that members at the end of it all were told and encouraged to always update their project pages with activities or what they’ve implemented. However these activity updates are not meant to be long stories but few paragraphs with pictures and straight forward to the point. 
One of the stories i uploaded during the training can be accessed at