Monday, 1 December 2014


 ICT - Information and Communications Technology is any piece of device that allows users to create, store, display and communicate over a distance.
Integrating ICT in the teaching is using it alongside existing methods to support the learning process across the curriculum.

From the time I attained training in ICT; it has greatly reduced my work load and also attracted the learners’ attention so that I find some ordinary methods rather distractive. The use of the projector for instance tactfully creates alertness in class which builds the learners keenness through listening and reading skills.

My effort towards class control lessens, thus enabling me to achieve my lesson objectives – the aim of any teacher.  The duster and chalk are issues that remain yards away rendering ICT less inconveniencing. A simple click – right or left takes me to my desired destination instead of having to repeatedly stretch my hand – especially with my punctuated height.

Depending on the animation schemes I select, I feel the lessons provide for students’ opinions through interaction therefore minimizing the students’ attitude to view me as   ‘all knowing ‘, but rather boost their critical abilities.

Inexhaustible is its goodness so that ICT also serves as a reference by enabling me walk majestically into the next stream to handle an aspect I had earlier taught - without fresh preparation since it provides the saving option.

Thus widely known is that ICT is hugely transforming at a rate measurable by the discoveries I make of it each moment I venture.  The challenges I have realized with its use through the period after training include security.  This pauses laxity to put the language lab to full use since most of the tools have to be ferried over and over.  Also the internet not being an all time provision in school calls for need to supplement the laboratory with relevant teaching  materials such as videos and a digital camera to facilitate lesson development..

Lastly, the administration’s swift effort in securing us a room is the basis for this piece.  We are grateful to CFSU and its partner organizations for ensuring that we are part of this crew and assure you of our role on the voyage.

Kabagambe Lillian
Teacher of English Language and Literature in English

St. Leo’s College Kyegobe