Friday, 3 October 2014


 It is a very fascinating way of life learning through the use of a particular item as the axiom  goes “where you will sit when   you are old shows where  you stood in your  youth” that is through the dot .com. era together  with the use of ICT.
ICT is referred to as the study of the use of computers, the internet, video and technology as a subject in schools and colleges like Saint Leo’s college.
ICT has been used in schools for learning purposes during study sessions and the following facts about ICT have been proved by the educationalists to be of a very grateful use that is the streaming    which is used in the transferring of data in a continuous and even flow which allows users (students) to access and use a file before it has been transmitted.
Furthermore has provided JPEG which stands for “Joint Photographic  Experts Group”  which is a graphical created image using compression techniques to reduce the full size taught in schools and other institutions without excluding the likes of saint Leo’ college.
Additionally to the said ICT contains internet, websites and web browsers   which are used by schools to purchase different scholastics materials and also be used as communication means to important people for example the old boy who donated scholastic materials like text books worthy forty three million shillings to saint Leo’s college which was due to the interaction that was made possible with him on face book which is an element of ICT.
Most importantly it has eased and even made the learning of English language and literature in English rather fascinating. We now can access short stories, novels for   example Oliver Twist, The African child, and the lion and Jewel. Much can be added to the said but less can be subtracted from the use of ICT.
And in a nutshell as it is said that “life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance on it you must keep on riding” So due to the fact that the world will run by the help of ICT and digital migration. Most of the jobs will run by the use of computers, so fellow brothers and sisters get knowledge and more information about ICT and the digital elementary services and devices right  now so that you can enjoy a bright future.