Friday, 10 October 2014


The beginning of the month of October 1st, 2014 marked another step in the lives of children of Aderolongo Primary School, Dokolo district when a visiting team of RWECO, LACCODEF, ELEC-U, UJCC, TPO and ICCO-Cooperation visited the school and interacted with the parents, teachers and the pupils. It was a milestone in the lives of the pupils as parents admitted to supporting the school garden  program that had brought joy to the pupils both as beneficiaries and also a learning center to the community. The school garden program was introduced by   LACCODEF a  partner with RWECO, ELEC-U, TPO, UJCC and ICCO-Cooperation.

Aderolongo P.S had an enrollment of 721 Pupils ( 372M, 339F), with 8 teachers. According to the head teacher, the school was founded in 1946 by the Arab traders and is government aided 
Aderolongo P. School, Dokolo District, school garden. Hettie ( R), SMC chair ( 2nd R), Selam, Jennifer (TPO) and a parent ( with head cap)
How Aderolongo P. School has managed to mobilise parents: Each parents contributes 10Kg of maize and 7.5Kg of beans to supplement the produce from the school garden. The school is promoting simsim and sun flower as cash crops.
Pupils of Aderolongo P.S, Dokolo district, sharing a light moment with parents and the visiting team on October 1st, 2014
Books in the hands of the  Children, Hettie ( Middle) interacting with the Library teacher at Aderolongo P.S
Monitoring of school facilities by the visiting team
Sharing a light moment with the school administration at Aderolongo PS, Dokolo District
Projects at Aderolongo Primary School:

1. School gardening that was aimed at ensuring food security to the school, learning aid to the learners and pull factor for the parents to the school also as a source of income
2. Development fund- parents also contribute towards school development
3. Tree planting.

Co-curriculor activities in the school:
1. Games and Sport- net ball, foot ball,
2. Hand work,
3. MDD and creative arts

The visiting team observed that, theAderolongo P. School was supported by government of Uganda through the PRDP, and other development actors including the UMSC who are the founders.

However, the visiting team noted that the school was heavily depended on government and donors and parents needed to develop a sustainability strategy to maintain the school infrastructure, also the school had not presented any candidate in grade one in PLE since 2009. The teachers needed to ensure that candidates were prepared in time if the school must also be on the map of academic excellence in Dokolo district.

Let us support the UPE program by revamping the curricular and introduce skills training as early as primary school.


RWECO Team in Dokolo District, Lango Sub region. Uganda
October, 1st, 2014