Tuesday, 9 July 2013


RWECO is a civic watch dog that enhances civic competence to demand for voice, accountability in governance and service delivery.RWECO is implementing various projects which include a project supporting the improvement of Eduction literacy supported by Edukans foundation which  has taken up the initiative to help  avail the organisation with various gift boxes wrapped up for the pupils who are to receive the donation to help the children have a good study environment at school.

P.4 Class at Mulongithi P School before receiving the child to child gifts from the Edukans Foundations
P.4 Class at Mulongithi P School after receiving the child to child gifts from the Edukans Foundations

 Members of RWECO visited one of the selected institutions(i.e. Mulongothi Primary School which is among the few selected schools )  to be given the scholastic materials donated to them by Edukans to primary four pupils at Mulongoti Primary School.

Children receiving the child to child gifts
The class teacher of Primary four class,the headmaster ,few other teachers of various subjects and members of RWECO helped distribute  gift boxes to the respective pupils who received the items(ie books,pens pencils,playing items like dolls;balls;skipping ropes,tooth paste,shower gel, T-shirts,caps etc). The pupils received the gift boxes and opened the gifts with tears of joy and admiration upon seeing what were wrapped. However  the pupils due to language barrier being in the transition class (P.4) did not understand English thus few members of RWECO and the headmaster of the school had to translate into the native language(Lhukonzo taught from P.1-P.3) so that they would understand what had  been said to them,this is one of the reasons why the project was implemented to help educate the children  learn English and create a good healthy study environment in school.

Fortunately the day was a success with distribution of the gift boxes.Many thanks to Edukans foundation who donated the items, team members of RWECO and teachers of the schools upon helping out distribute the gift boxes to the respective pupils in Primary Four,Mulongothi Primary school.