Friday, 25 October 2013


During the school visits by EPP team of RWECO to meet and discuss issues pertaining education with the pupils in different schools (15 schools) that was organized by RWECO, Mrs. Kulthum Moshi  the District Ass. Inspector of schools emphasized that the girl child are the world of tomorrow and that they should guard their lives so well to become people of great influence in the future. 
Mrs. Kulthum Mosh District Ass. Inspector of schools talking to pupils of Kisinga P/School
During these school visits, RWECO career guided the pupils and showed them how important it is to study with a clear dream of what they want to be in future because this would shape their reading towards working hard for their dreams. However, most importantly is that these pupils should know the reasons why they are at school as well as conceptualize the importance of education like acquiring knowledge, preparing for employment, creating friendship, shaping behaviors, creates professionals and therefore while at school, children should know why they are at school and the importance of this education they are trying to get from the school. 
Teacher Kabarangira guiding pupils of Katwe P/S on how important education is and encouraged them to always have a target in future.
However, there was a serious issue that was brought on board why girl child fail science subjects. This brought up arguments throughout the schools visited between the pupils themselves and teachers thought the facilitators guided these arguments. Some reasons that were given included but were not limited to being academically weak, lack of concentration in class, shying away from contributing in and out from class, do a lot of house chores, others have no interest in education, are sexually active at the tender age, adolescence affects girl child more than boy child, absenteeism, fallacy of feminine, sexual harassment (environment), lack of female role models among other.
Some pupils displaying on papers what they want to be in future
 The pupils were then taken through choosing a career. The team clearly showed them how important it is to choose a career and the important factors to follow in choosing a career that included doing what they can do best, joining institutions that offer the desired courses and well equipped with man power, flashbacking home the availability of funds to push you in realization of your career, having self-help skills, sticking to your career choices and so many others. 
Teachers also were challenged to be role models of their children and should not sexually harass these children because they are their own
The school management was challenged to always career guide the pupils and that the first role models are the teachers at the school so their behaviors and character should attract the pupils themselves and also invite other important people in the community in all field to talk out their stories of how they started and what they went through to be what they are. As these people are the role models of such pupils, they tend to admire and work to be like their role model.

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Gilbert Masereka