Monday, 7 April 2014


        Computers for schools Uganda (CfSU) and RWECO are implementing a project on teaching English using ICTs in six secondary schools in Kabarole and Kasese districts. The project is targeting teachers and tutors of English in secondary schools and Primary teacher colleges respectively. Teachers have been trained to use the computer and projector to teach English. Using ICTs has greatly improved subject attendance as it piques the interest of students and reduces boredom as they become more involved in the learning process especially using illustrations and simulations. Students have testified as to how lessons taught using ICTs are interesting and very enjoyable. Teachers are now involving the learners more in the teaching/learning process by giving them projects which the learners accomplish either individually or in groups.  This has given a chance to the learners to fully exploit their potential by building their research skills, innovative and collaboration skills.  Students carry out research projects and present them in plenary in the classrooms after which the teachers harmonize. This method has also boosted ICT skills levels of the students as they are sometimes tasked to look for this information on line using the computer.
A student of Ruteete s.s explaining a point as his teacher listens on

 The teachers sometimes task the students to explore different subject matters in depth and present them to the rest of the class in depth hence encouraging peer teaching. Using the computers in the English resource room, students are able to accomplish their tasks and using the laptop and projector, they can present their work to other students. This makes teaching and learning interesting for both the teacher and the student as the student is more involved and the teacher’s work load is reduced considerably.

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